Show You’re Pregnant, But Make It Sexy

The new aesthetics of the pregnant celebrity

Emily Ratajkowski announced her pregnancy via an essay published in Vogue magazine along with a short film titled “who will you be?” directed by Lena Dunham.

In her essay, the model discusses not only her thoughts around pregnancy and her experience so far but topics that are especially significant in our context, such as the loneliness of pregnancy and what it culturally means revealing the gender of a fetus.

“We like to respond that we won’t know the gender until our child is 18 and that they’ll let us know then.”

In her short film, however, she dedicates some words to her baby while showing footage of her beautiful pregnant body.

Many women — celebrities and non-celebrities — nowadays tend to announce their pregnancy by sharing a photo of their baby bump on any kind of social media.

Women too, commemorate this period of their lives — usually — by getting professionally photographed — showing their new shape gracefully: Surrounded by flowers or in nature; dressed in lingerie, soft garments, or simply naked, praising their pregnant body and radiating goddess energy.

Emily’s essay is her own version of those aesthetic photographs. Her feelings are the focus of the camera and her words are the filters the photograph needs to turn out impeccable.

Her short film is another piece of art on its own. In fact, Dunham herself says it’s “the opposite of a People magazine baby announcement.” It’s soft, aesthetic and seductive.

Kylie Jenner had done this kind of video before. Kylie made a post on Instagram to break the news to the public that she had had a baby, but she also posted a video on her YouTube channel titled “To Our Daughter.”

Jenner’s video can be, in many ways, different from Ratjkowski’s, but they both serve the same purpose: to document their own journey during gestation through an artistic and emotional lens.

These videos are full of feminine energy and are a compelling route people could start to take to announce a pregnancy.

Could this be the first steps of a new trend? Will more celebrities hop in? Could the pregnant body of a woman be normalized as sexy or desirable? Would it take a wrong path to the point that ‘average’ women on social media will have more things to be insecure about?

Sexy pregnancies are already a thing. At least on social media.

Some bodies with their baby bump are still flawless and have a “sexy” silhouette. It’s something that we don’t need to normalize. Pregnancy can be quite the opposite of what those aesthetic photographs or videos try to depict. It’s an experience that in most cases involves vomiting, dizziness, mood changes, among other discomforts.

I personally would love to see more celebrities announcing their pregnancy in some type of art or self-expression.

Well, until it becomes mainstream and they ruin it for everybody.

BA in Latin American literature. Pop culture enthusiast. Fan of deep conversations about topics that are not that deep.

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