I think you are slowly becoming oblivious to the fact that I’m super hot

Dear romantic partner,

You’re generous, humble, smart, tolerant, handsome, and excruciatingly respectful.

You’re everything a straight millennial/Gen Z woman can ask for: pro-LGBTQ+rights, anti-racist, pro-choice, anti-gun, and a cat person.

A decent human being.

You were not scared when I told you I was a feminist nor did you let my intellect, leadership, or abundant body hair intimidate you.

And while I’m grateful you’re a gentleman who has come to value my inner body more than anything, I think you are slowly becoming oblivious to the…

I’m leaving my whole life behind to be with the love of my life

After one year of being in a long-distance relationship, I was sure I wanted to marry my boyfriend. I was utterly in love and sick of the goodbyes.

But I was also 20, still at university, struggling to afford my tuition, and full of insecurities. I knew getting married was not the smartest move and I hated that.

I used to hold grudges against him because when he returned back home, his essence stayed all around my environment. I resented him that I could smell him in my room but he couldn’t smell my scent in his. …

La poesía es gay, te he dicho, porque la poesía es el sentimiento y el sentimiento es la homosexualidad

Qué tal.

Quiero dedicar estas palabras a todas esas personas que — por alguna chocante razón — continúan haciendo uso de mi en pleno 2021.

Esta declaración se las debo a todes ustedes que en esta pandemia, me escogieron como método de supervivencia e instrumento primordial para la expresión de sentimientos delirantes y carentes de pathos; esto es para aquellos milennials y Gen Zetas que desafían toda regla gramatical y ortográfica del idioma español para hacer versos facebookeros con menos de 50 me encanta.

He aquí mi historia. Mi verdad. Mi verdadero ser.

Yo, ¡oh! Poesía,

el más grande


The United States didn’t even notice

THE FRICKIN’ MADNESS — In the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, Mexico ceded what are now the states of California, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Arizona as well as parts of Wyoming, Kansas, and Oklahoma to the United States.

Needless to say, Mexico was devastated. It felt like a failure. He drank two shots of tequila and smiled because, at least, the Spanish-speaking country had now a real relationship with the world’s favorite country: The United States of America.

But that did not work out. The U.S. ghosted and gaslighted Mexico several times until…

These would definitely damage the holy economy

Becoming a successful writer on Medium

Imagine people accomplishing the dream of becoming a paid writer. That doesn’t sit right with me, and I hope you feel the same way.

Are we living in the 19th century? When did “writers” become a thing again?

Do you want to give advice for a better life? How pretentious. “How I Quit My 9–5 job And You Can Too” articles? You sicken me. Let’s have a conversation about robots, making money, stocks, technology, and how great Elon Musk is doing instead.

Imagine people turning their hobbies into full-time jobs. That would cause so much economic pain. Agony, even.


What the top fitness YouTubers are best at

Fitness creators on YouTube experienced significant growth on their channels during quarantine. A clear example of this phenomenon is Chloe Ting, an Australian YouTuber who started 2020 with 2.5 million subscribers and is finishing it off with almost 17 million.

Additionally, new fitness channels created in 2020, such as Teagan Dixon and Caroline Girvan, grew pretty fast in a matter of months. So far, they have earned 70k and 446k subscribers respectively.

The onset of my fitness journey was back in 2013 using PopSugar Fitness and XHIT Daily on YouTube. Since then…

I just want to see some ripped abs.

My boyfriend made the awful decision of snooping my following list on Instagram the other day. He knew he was going to get his feelings hurt, but for some lame reason, the thought of it filled his body with adrenaline.

He found all the typical mainstream celebrities (yes, I follow every Kardashian), meme accounts (because I’m fun and quirky), cat accounts (because I’m sweet), newspapers (because I’m cultured), unverified accounts (because I have lots of friends), and… Instagram models. The modern threat to millennial and Gen Z men (because I am a woman, after all).

Yes, I follow beautiful young…

When white Latinos deny their privilege

In terms of identity, I always say I’m Mexican. Sometimes, when Mexican is not an option, I choose between Latina or Hispanic just because I have never lived outside Mexico.

I never pondered on the issues that my identity choice could entail until recently when I found a few Latinxs on TikTok calling out white Latinxs for making excuses about their whiteness.

I completely understand why. There are some problems that white-skinned folks spawn when they defend their Latin American roots:

You are implying that Latinx is a race when it’s not

When Latinxs that live in Latin American countries travel to the United States or Europe, they often try to…

I’m either passionate or unbothered; there’s no in-between

Most English-speakers can’t pronounce my name. Americans often pronounce it as “fehr-nan-da,” while the British would say it like “feuh-nan-da.” Between these two, the American way is the closest.

So, without further ado, let’s get to the important part: ME.

It all started when my ancestors in Spain set off on a mission to colonize my ancestors in the now city of Puebla, in Mexico. It is crazy to think that a series of unfortunate events had to happen in history for me to somehow come into existence. But we all have that kind of background one way or another.

The new aesthetics of the pregnant celebrity

Emily Ratajkowski announced her pregnancy via an essay published in Vogue magazine along with a short film titled “who will you be?” directed by Lena Dunham.

In her essay, the model discusses not only her thoughts around pregnancy and her experience so far but topics that are especially significant in our context, such as the loneliness of pregnancy and what it culturally means revealing the gender of a fetus.

“We like to respond that we won’t know the gender until our child is 18 and that they’ll let us know then.”

In her…

Fernanda Laertez

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